Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Those days have gone, those days of blissful and unpolluted air ,water and hearts. Tables turned in a satirical way which has been giggling on me and asking why have i been here? well, i would like to say i love satire. more over my jokes were always pinching others .ooh lah lah! but when life turns to you in that way, it is unquestionable..so far granted so granted. should be accepted.

This is not an emotional blah blah, did you find it so? never, its something which i want to utter lightly. leave it...

I would be posting a story, real one ah?, soon. i found it interesting. i need a travel for it and some efforts. if i can make it , it should be posted.


ajith said...

so far granted so granted. should be accepted.
അതെ...സംതൃപ്തിയോടെ തന്നെ.

Aanandi said...

yes.accepting it.no other choice. Thank you Ajith Ji.