Sunday, July 13, 2008

Better lives!

When I leaned back in my couch, those bestowed thoughts started haunting my heart again, which distracted my peace of mind, as it always do.
Blogging is not that an easy task, if you think you can air your entire rubbish ness with a prerogative freedom. At least, it is not for me. I just do not be that irresponsible and just write about my illusions, my bad days, my improper interviews and about all those headless chicken, err...for me those can be just a part of my blog.
What was there in my mind, when I put my pen and scribbling pad aside and started blogging? It was, to communicate with people on the problems of the marginalized and things which we normally avoid. Hmm..I could not do it so far.
This intention has been behind me always which pushed me to choose journalism as a career. But things are not that easy for a lazy person like me (I refer to tell truth), in a world of lobbying and so many restrictions. How could I say, we need socialism here rather than democracy, as this big corporate world has been squeezing its employees like anything, when my colleagues are happy with the perks (bone pieces!) which they get for their 12-16 hours hard work which keep them aloof from their kith and kin?
How could I say, women are still hand-tied by their fuddy-duddy surroundings, parents and husbands, when many of my fair sex friends enjoy this status? Too fake, don't you think so?
How could I say, children need a cradle than a begging bowl, when an illegal foetus is still getting mutilated and chopped to death by the so-called mother goddesses?
How could I say, we need a farming culture to be motivated in each of the family, when I do not even have a piece of land or sky? Even standing in my balcony can give a restricted view of my neighbour’s bedroom! (Phew! but I pretend myself that I am not a peeping Tom!). In our common yard, children play minding many don’ts, and only badminton. Do you think, these children actually meant for a better generation? Will a cup of horlicks, complan or any other beverage help them to break all restrictions and allow them to play in a meadow of freedom and happiness?
I know neither a barrage of questions nor a silence can help anything, still...