Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Are you safe?

I can not help my self asking this to my fellow citizens, are you really safe in this prevailing political situation?
Did not you feel perplexed after the process of trust vote and which lead UPA to glue to its seat?(I know, you would have been in that grave feeling since the political rivalry started over the nuclear deal, or since the independence???) well, I felt grave, nothing in my mind has been de constructed, my eidolon remained an eidolon. I would like to say gratitude to my cynicism.

Well, I and the media (Broadcasting media has already been enjoyed, but the print would be showing its teeth and nail tomorrow), enjoyed on these political melodrama. Especially, Mr.Sardesai(Hey, did he palyed a trick on Amar Singh in response to that bullying interview? It is so silly a conclusion, isn’t it?) And Mrs.Sardesai…phew! What a hungama!! As Mr.Taroor Said,in Inia people have rulers whom they deserve.
Still, I can not advice, the trust vote jig-saw puzzle, for any Oscars, whether the conspiracy behind is perspicuous or not, the drama should get an award for flummery.

Straight from my heart, I want all these creative actors to stop bluffing and ambushing, to come forward and plant a tree each., at least the emission from green house gas may slowly reduced.

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